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What we do?

  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • We will create visual identity for your brand. We are trying to keep up with latest trends in design and deliver you the most modern looking visual presentation that suits your demand. Everyone has different needs and we approach each of our clients individually.

  • Prototyping
  • Design is not everything. You have to get the sense of the product. For that we develop visual prototypes based on which we are going to develop the web/application. You will be able to touch it and raise your concerns before it is developed.

  • Wireframes & UI Design
  • We know that Rome was not built in one day and prior to it there was definitely some planning. Same goes for our every project. At first we will create wireframes and according to additional requests we are going to make the design for you.

  • Mobile Applications & Web Design
  • Web and mobile application designs are similar and yet different. We create both of them based on latest trends in app/web design so our product feels fresh.

  • SEO Optimalization
  • SEO is vital part of every web even though you cannot see it, it is the thing that makes you money. With bad SEO your web won't show in search results. Based on our past experiences and best practices from all over the word we try to make your page show up as high in search results as possible. This also applies to an existing project.

  • UX Design
  • Great UI is not everything. User experience is what makes the application or web great. If your application looks good but is not intuitive users won't use it. With every design we make user stories based on which we alter the UI to be as intuitive as possible and make users feel home.

  • Own Product Development
  • We are also working on our own products for gastronomy. If you wish to know more do not hesitate and contact us :)

  • Infrastructure
  • Almost no application can not work without an infrastrucutre that is reliable. When users open your site or application they expect it to work no matter what. Thanks to us you will be able to handle big loads of requests in peak hours and be able to defend yourself when someone tries to attack it.

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About us

We are a company of enthusiasts who strive to bring something great to the world.

Our team consists of 5 people who worked in different companies and experienced different ways how to approach product development (that is meant for building projects from scratch and even working on long time running projects).